GO Magazine article 2010, entertainment supplement for the Stamford Advocate, the CT Post, & the Danbury News Times, to promote upcoming Treehouse headlining performance

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Upstage and Xavier Magazines: 

Hey RC!!  I just wanted to write you to thank you so much.  We all had such a fun time at the show.  Vanessa Williams was a very nice surprise as well. I also thought it was great how you mentioned my dadís band, The Rockinghams.  That was a very nice gesture on your behalf. I am huge fan of the show. RC, itís true what they say, that you are the greatest warm-up guy in the business.  You get the audience so pumped up, and we always have such a great time!! Thanks again!!!

---Vincent Jr.    

Danza Show audience member 

Can't wait to see him again! Check out his act. He opens for "The Tony Danza Show" & tours as well. GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY! I have been around the "boxing ring of comedy" since I was a kid so I am way picky about comedians. You will love him. He is raw...pure evil! His style of comedy doesn't even feel like an "act". More like an honest, hard-azz conversation between friends. Trust me GO SEE HIM.

Thanks again, BJ

~Audience member from Rascal's Comedy Club~

"RC Smith did a darned good job of scaring the bejesus out of the crowd. A split second riff showed off Smith's crisp, fertile touch for inventing comedy on the run."

~John Blenn, Long Island Entertainment~

"RC Smith warmed up the crowd with a loose cannon exibition of how to work a crowd. What makes him rare these days is that he seems far more concerned with every corner of the room and the vibe they are getting, than he is at delivering a pre-concieved act and it makes him far more spontaneous and in touch than any other comic."

~John Blenn, Long Island Entertainment~

"He is a master of crowd work and will crucify you. Funny thing is you still won't hate him. One of the few cynical comics with an edge who doesn't alienate an audience."

~Third Rail Press, NYC~

"The audience had more fun being heckled by Smith, than heckling him."

~Oswego News, NY~

"All were impressed with how quickly Smith came up with jokes."

~The Press Enterprise, Bloomsburg PA~

"Smith is one of those flippant, free-wheeling, wildmen that like to poke fun at sex, lifestyles, and mainstream life. Sharp as a tack, irreverently clever, and unforgettable. A rising star."

~Long Island Entertainment~